Women's health

Health requirements for women vary significantly when compared to men. Nutritional imbalances in women have exaggerated effects on wellbeing, especially on aspects such as menstruation. Lifestyle choices with respect to dietary preference can also raise long-term oncological risks. Women are also more susceptible to deficiencies that can lead to life threatening diseases like Osteoporosis. Therefore, paying attention to women’s health is imperative for a long and healthy life.

A number of herbs and natural plant extracts are extremely effective at treating menstruation related issues, including inducing menstruation and dealing with menstrual cramps. Yeast infections, urinary tract infection and bacteria-induced vaginal infections can also be treated through natural home remedies. For other lifestyle disorders like osteoporosis, consuming natural extracts with Vitamin D over the long term is documented to be effective. Symptoms of pregnancy, bladder infections and diarrhea or constipation can also be treated at home with natural remedies.

While most plants required for these home remedies such as celery, parsley, ginger, chamomile, thyme, etc. can be easily found at any grocery store or grown at home, regular consumption may require a more reliable source. For these needs, our store carries a variety of safe supplements in the form of capsules. These supplements are manufactured by reputed pharmaceutical companies and do not contain any artificial extracts. Browse our store to know more and follow our guides to understand what exactly you need to buy.