Home Remedies through Natural Plant Extract

Our ancestors knew that common ailments can not only be prevented but also treated at home with the simplest of home remedies using natural plant products. In an age of eye-popping cost of medication and healthcare, natural remedies are not only desirable but also a necessity for most disorders and ailments. Going to a hospital or any doctor for minor scrapes and cuts, occasional colds and coughs, viral fevers and upset stomachs can result in bills running into the hundreds of dollars and even more expensive medicine in the subsequent days.

All ancient cultures such as China and India have long-standing streams of traditional medicine that rely on natural plant products to manage health. Even European and native American cultures possess knowledge passed through generations of natural remedies for common ailments. These remedies range from treatment for general malaise (depression, lethargy, loss of energy, etc.) as well as ailments like the common cold, cough, chest congestion, stomach disorders, headaches and even blood disorders like anemia and heart problems.

Depending on the type of vegetation available in your region, natural remedies are available in every nook and cranny of the world today. The benefits of using these alternative streams of medicine are manifold. First, they are infinitely cheaper to modern medicine. Second, they do not interfere with your internal systems and in fact complement them for overall well-being. The side-effects of modern medicine are well documented, and it is common knowledge that lasting imbalances in the body may be caused due to overuse of medication. These issues are not relevant for home remedies. Home remedies are mild at nearly all dosages and overconsumption is unlikely to cause anything more than a bit of acidity!

Most home remedies can be prepared either by direct consumption by adding to meals or through hot preparations like tea. For the common cold and cough, hot ginger preparations do wonder for the sinuses, as is peppermint tea. Something most people are not aware of is that the bark of the willow tree contains natural aspirin and has been known as an instant cure for headaches and fevers for over two millennia! For headaches and general lethargy, lavender baths are also recommended. A host of other plants are beneficial for general wellbeing. Pomegranates contain large amounts of antioxidants, which boost immunity and improve cardiac health when consumed regularly. Aloe Vera gel is widely known as the default plant product for most skin issues.

It is necessary to keep in mind that natural remedies cannot cure ailments instantly. Use of natural plant products with medicinal properties should be a way of life. Their effects are most pronounced when used over a period of time and their benefits should be seen in bolstering your natural regenerative facilities rather than a stop gap measure. Remember, if you have a serious ailment, consult a physician while continuing your home remedies!

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